6 tips about take care of a senior canine, based on the chief veterinarian at Petco

  • As canine turned seniors their wants change which requires particular care.
  • Dr. Whitney Miller, the chief veterinarian at Petco, gave Insider tips about care on your growing older pup. 
  • She recommends particular senior pet food, in-home mobility aids, and frequent vet visits. 

All canine require care, however as your canine ages, their wants can change drastically.

That is for a wide range of causes, the principle being the bodily and cognitive declines that happen.

Based on VCA Animal Hospitals, a small canine turns into a senior between the ages of 11 and 12, a medium canine at 10, a bigger canine at 8, and large breeds canine are thought-about seniors at 7. 

With this in thoughts, Insider reached out to Dr. Whitney Miller, the chief veterinarian at Petco, for her knowledgeable options.

Listed here are six suggestions from Miller that can assist enhance the lifetime of your senior canine.