The 7 greatest and 5 worst MCU villains, ranked

Finest, No. 1: Thanos — The Infinity Saga

thanos avengers infinity war

Thanos understood the task and was prepared to danger all of it to — in his eyes — save the world.


Acuna: Bear in mind when the MCU had stakes? Thanos is the one Marvel villain to efficiently execute his evil plan and it wasn’t some drained “I wish to take over the world” scheme. He worn out half the inhabitants of the whole world for 5 years. 

Most impressively, Thanos did no matter he wanted to perform his aim. He killed Loki, a bunch of Asgardians, the Collector, and even sacrificed his personal daughter, Gamora, for his imaginative and prescient. You do not get a lot darker than that.

Singh: Thanos checks off all our bins in figuring out the very best and worst MCU villains. Josh Brolin delivered in portraying a really formidable character. He had an formidable aim and the means to execute it. He was enjoying the lengthy sport, with the seeds planted in 2012’s “The Avengers,” and it paid off. 

His imaginative and prescient for this universe was rooted in a really logical, math-based rationalization: the universe is finite and has finite assets. He noticed the results of this (like hunger) first-hand on his dwelling planet of Titan, did the maths, and realized the answer was to stage the inhabitants and restore steadiness. 

This can be a character so laser-focused on his plan that he did not let feelings or bias get in the best way of his plan, going as far as to yeet his daughter off a cliff so he might purchase the soul stone. Was he terrifying? Completely. And likewise, frankly, hideous.

Acuna: Look. If my brother was Eros (Harry Kinds), I would be mad, too.

Singh: Thanos had the most important influence on the MCU up to now and utterly modified the franchise’s trajectory. It was a literal cultural reset. That is why, even years after he was defeated by the Avengers in 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame,” we’re nonetheless seeing the ripple results of his snap and blip within the movies and reveals launched since then.