7 forms of vaginas and why yours is completely regular

  • There isn’t any such factor as a standard kind of vulva as a result of there are such a lot of totally different shapes and sizes.
  • The symmetry and form of your vulva largely rely on the scale of your labia and clitoris.
  • Should you’re labia causes discomfort, you may alter it by way of a labiaplasty, a beauty process. 

Should you’ve ever taken a peek at your vulva — the outer a part of an individual with a vagina’s genitals that features the vagina, labia, and clitoris — and questioned if yours is regular, you are not alone. 

“The reality is quite a lot of ladies do not like their vaginas. One in seven ladies have thought of getting labiaplasty, which principally is trimming and tucking the vulva and tightening up the doorway,” says Sherry Ross, MD, OB-GYN and a ladies’s well being knowledgeable along with her personal personal follow.  

The truth is, a 2017 report by the Beauty Surgical procedure Nationwide Knowledge Financial institution confirmed that labiaplasties elevated by 213% from 2012-2017, indicating that increasingly more folks have been looking for beauty procedures to change their vagina’s look. 

It is necessary to notice that everybody has a novel and totally different kind of vulva, says Ross. And until it is inflicting you discomfort, there isn’t any motive to be ashamed of what it seems like or to bear costly surgical procedure to reshape it. 

Whereas there isn’t any set variety of vulva “varieties,” there are a lot of variations within the dimension, symmetry and coloration of an individual’s labia (or lips) and clitoris. This is what your vulva would possibly appear to be and why it’s very regular. 

Is my vagina “regular”?

Every vagina is exclusive and particular to each individual. So there’s not essentially a “regular” vagina form or customary method your vagina ought to look. 

” the saying, ‘No two snowflakes are precisely alike?’ Effectively, the expression may simply as simply seek advice from the vulva and vagina,” says Ross. 

“The labia, or lips — which is the place many of the points are for almost all of feminine sufferers — range from individual to individual. The truth is, even the separate elements of the identical vagina should not precisely the identical … that is utterly regular; totally different is regular,” says Ross. 

Pubic hair can also be a standard a part of having a vagina. Most individuals develop pubic hair on the realm surrounding their vagina. 

7 vagina variations that may resemble your individual

Regardless of what it’s possible you’ll discover on the web, there are technically no set “varieties” of vaginas.  

“No two are the identical nor symmetrical. All vulva’s range in dimension, form, coloration, fullness and texture. The clitoral hood and dimension of the clitoris additionally range in look in dimension, form, and fullness,” says Ross. 

Some frequent variations in form, dimension, and coloration of your vagina would possibly appear to be the next examples.

Asymmetrical labia

labia asymmetrical

Illustration of vulva with asymmetrical labia

Marianne Ayala/Insider

Your vagina might have asymmetrical lips (which means one in all your labia is bigger or smaller than the opposite). That is extremely regular and nothing to be involved about. Take into consideration how one in all your eyes is often smaller than the opposite: the identical idea applies to the vagina, says Ross. 

Small labia

small labia

Illustration of vulva with small labia

Marianne Ayala/Insider

You would possibly discover your labia are tucked into your vulva or your outer vaginal lips are bigger and canopy your labia minora. 

Massive outer and interior labia 

large outer and inner labia

Illustration of vulva with huge outer and interior labia

Marianne Ayala/Insider

You will have labia which might be bigger or puffier in dimension. It is regular to have your labia go previous your vulva and stick out. You would possibly discover that some underwear like thongs do not supply the sort of help you want. 

Outer labia that stands out extra

outer labia stick out

Illustration of vulva with outer labia that stick out

Marianne Ayala/Insider

You will have outer labia lips which might be small or shorter, which present your labia minora and majora extra. 

Inside labia that stands out extra 

inner labia stick out

Illustration of vulva with interior labia that stick out

Marianne Ayala/Insider

You will have a vagina the place your interior labia stick out extra or are longer. 

Massive or small clitoris

big clitoris

Illustration of vulva with huge clitoris

Marianne Ayala/Insider

Your clitoris could be bigger or extra delicate than one other individuals or visa versa. In line with Deliberate Parenthood, clitorises can vary from the “dimension of a small pea to the scale of your thumb.” 

A vagina that is not pink

not pink

Illustration of vulvas that modify in coloration

Marianne Ayala/Insider

You may additionally discover that your vagina varies in coloration. Not all vaginas are pink. Some are brown or on the redder facet, which depends upon quite a few components together with hormones, pores and skin tone, blood circulation and extra. It is also not irregular to see some discoloration within the pores and skin surrounding your vagina. Nevertheless, vibrant purple pores and skin or a rash may point out there’s one thing amiss like a yeast an infection. 

Why accomplish that many individuals need to change their vaginas?

A variety of research have pointed to porn, advertisements, and different unrealistic media representations of vaginas as a possible trigger for folks’s dissatisfaction with their vaginas. Ross agrees, saying that porn is a possible rationalization on why some really feel like their vaginas are “irregular” or “ugly.” 

A 2015 evaluation of 480 ladies discovered that 40.7% of the ladies interviewed stated that they’d some qualm with their vagina, together with points with the size and coloration of their labia. 

“Porn and social media has created vaginal insecurity which has helped transfer vaginal rejuvenation to the forefront,” says Ross.  

The way to change your vaginal form 

Whilst you should not be ashamed of the look and dimension of your vagina, there are alternatives to alter its look if that is what you like. These would possibly embody: 

  • The scale or form of your labia might trigger some discomfort throughout sports activities or different actions.
  • Your labia are noticeable sufficient in clothes that you simply personally need to alter its look. 

“The first process … is named a labiaplasty. A skilled plastic surgeon or gynecologist can carry out this straightforward outpatient process, and the outcomes may be life-changing,” says Ross. 

Nevertheless, based on Ross, this surgical procedure may cause some problems like painful scarring or discomfort throughout intercourse. Ross additionally recommends getting a second or third opinion earlier than you go for surgical procedure.

“As all the time, it is necessary to have a candid speak along with your physician and preserve reasonable expectations,” says Ross.

Insider’s takeaway

The media, together with porn and social media, would possibly make you’re feeling like your vagina is not regular or fascinating. Everybody’s vagina is totally different and may vary in coloration, form, and symmetry. So there isn’t any “good” or “regular” method in your vagina to look. 

You may additionally discover your vagina adjustments with age. “Similar to every other a part of your physique with pores and skin glands and hair follicles, the looks of the vagina is affected by the getting old course of and the way nicely you take care of it,” says Ross. 

Regardless, some folks might need to have surgical procedure or different procedures. A surgical process known as a labiaplasty can cut back the size and look of your labia, nevertheless it comes with its personal dangers and a hefty price ticket.