9 of probably the most surprising offscreen TV and movie deaths of all time

Within the “The Blair Witch Venture,” Heather is assaulted and killed offscreen by a mysterious drive.

blair witch project

Heather Donahue in 1999’s “The Blair Witch Venture.”


When three filmmakers — Heather Donahue (Heather Donahue), Mike Williams (Michael C. Williams), and Josh Leonard (Joshua Leonard) — got down to produce a documentary concerning the Blair Witch, they discover greater than they cut price for in Burkittsville, Maryland. The Blair Witch will not be solely actual, they understand, however deadly. 

Within the movie’s riveting finale, Heather finds Mike standing at nighttime nook of a basement going through the wall. When she calls out to him, an unseen drive kills Heather, inflicting her to drop the digital camera, earlier than the film fades to black. 

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