A tattoo artist who makes a speciality of scar coverups shares 7 of her favourite items, from vibrant arm sleeves to post-mastectomy florals

  • Scars can take a very long time to fade, and trigger an emotional toll. 
  • Tattoo artist Adriana Hallow prioritizes scar coverups for shoppers, saying it “modifications their lives.”
  • See a few of her favourite scar coverup tattoos, from vibrant arm sleeves to softer florals. 

There are a number of methods to fade a scar. Relying on the kind (and your finances), you possibly can spend money on laser therapies, microneedling kits, or a prescription cream out of your dermatologist.

Or, you possibly can go the alternative route: Get a vibrant tattoo to cowl it up. 

For Adriana Hallow, an NYC-based tattoo artist at Inkology, scar coverups are a few of her favourite classes — a lot in order that she offers reserving precedence to these shoppers.

Hallow, who taught herself the right way to tattoo after taking a break from design faculty, remembered her first scar coverup requests and discovering the work significantly fulfilling. “Each time I tattoo somebody, I am making an impact on their life,” she instructed Insider. “However while you’re tattooing somebody’s scars, it actually modifications their lives.”

As a result of her designs usually require a number of appointments, she’ll see folks earlier than their tattoos are totally completed — and so they’re normally beaming from the primary session.

“Most individuals are simply actually, actually comfortable,” she stated. “They really feel liberated and it is like a weight simply lifted off of them.”

Listed below are 7 of her favourite scar coverup tattoos: