Classic pictures of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation present how King Charles' is about to be a relatively low-key affair

Queen Elizabeth was anointed with holy oil by Geoffrey Fisher, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury on the time.

The Pall of Cloth of Gold is held over Queen Elizabeth II.

The cover is positioned over Queen Elizabeth II for the anointing ceremony throughout her coronation.

Keystone/Getty Photos

The Act of Consecration, the a part of the coronation the place a monarch is anointed, was the one second not televised from the Queen’s coronation, the BBC reported.

Throughout the ceremony, 4 Knights of the Garter held a golden cover above Queen Elizabeth. Then, silently, the Archbishop of Canterbury was handed the Ampulla, a flask within the form of an eagle wrought in stable gold. It contained holy oil, referred to as “chrism oil,” made from orange, roses, cinnamon, musk, and ambergris. 

He took the oil and anointed Queen Elizabeth, telling her that “the Lord thy God hath given thee to rule and govern.”