Each look Zendaya has worn to the Met Gala, ranked from least to most iconic

The interactive component of the look made it excellent for the gala.

zendaya met gala

The ensemble lit up on the Met Gala carpet.


When Zendaya arrived on the gala, the robe was a pale shade of grey.

Roach, dressed within the likeness of the fairy godmother from “Cinderella,” then pointed a wand at Zendaya and lit the gown up, taking it to a different degree. 

She then left a glass slipper behind as she entered the gala, finishing her efficiency as a Disney princess.

The look was every thing a Met Gala ensemble must be: stunning, distinctive, on-theme, and memorable. Plus, it served as a metaphor for the astronomical rise of Zendaya’s profession from her Disney days to superstardom, which was the proper cherry on high of the look.