Former Starbucks barista shares 11 of the perfect issues to order, from secret drinks to desserts

Blonde Americanos are clean and full of caffeine.

light starbucks drink

You can even add milk and sugar to customise your blonde Americano.


Grande Blonde Americano

  • No recipe wanted – simply order a blonde Americano.
  • If you happen to like milk and sugar in your espresso, ensure that to ask for additional room within the cup once you order.

That is already on the chain’s common menu, and I feel it is an incredible alternative for anybody who enjoys clean, caffeinated drinks. 

The blonde Americano consists of blonde photographs of espresso in scorching water (or chilly water if you happen to get this iced). 

Needless to say some Starbucks areas solely serve blonde-roast espresso till round 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. After that, the blonde roast is usually provided as pour-over, which takes a bit longer to arrange and could also be inconvenient if you happen to’re in a rush.