My social gathering of two spent $166 at Tiffins in Disney World, and the fine-dining spot is well worth the value

I needed to strive the signature bread service.

Three types of bread and sauces lined up on trays.

My favourite pairing was the cheese bread and guava jam.

Jenna Clark

Since I am an enormous fan of the bread service at Sanaa, I needed to strive Tiffins’ signature bread service for $14 to see how the 2 in contrast. 

This appetizer got here with three plates of assorted sorts of bread and sauces, together with coconut-curry sauce, guava sauce, and ginger-pear chutney.

The Brazilian pão de queijo, or cheese bread, and guava jam pairing was my favourite. I beloved the contrasting flavors of the candy jam and the savory, tacky bread. 

The Indian pappadam and ginger-pear chutney pairing was additionally scrumptious. The bread-like chips had been evenly crisp and seasoned.

The Thai milk bread and coconut sauce was my least favourite pairing of the three. I did not like the feel of the bread or the flavour of the sauce, however I used to be glad I attempted it.