Ozempic isn't only for weight reduction and diabetes. Listed below are all of the circumstances it might in the future deal with — from most cancers to dependancy.

  • Ozempic, a type of the drug semaglutide, was initially authorized for sort 2 diabetes in 2017.
  • Folks shortly realized it is also good for weight reduction, largely due to the way it works on the mind.
  • Scientists at the moment are investigating different makes use of for the drug, from Alzheimer’s remedy to dependancy.

Since 2017, the injectable prescription drug Ozempic has been utilized by sort 2 diabetics throughout the US to assist handle their blood sugar. However proper from the beginning, it grew to become obvious that the medication — generically known as semaglutide — was doing greater than controlling diabetes.

That is as a result of this drug mimics a hunger-regulating hormone known as GLP-1 that our our bodies produce naturally – and that hormone does not simply regulate blood sugar. It additionally tells our brains to be happy with much less meals, slows down digestion, and might even change what particular meals an individual likes. 

Because of these attributes, individuals shortly began taking Ozempic off-label for weight reduction, and shortly a higher-dose model of semaglutide, Wegovy, was authorized by the FDA for weight reduction in chubby and overweight sufferers. 

However scientists have lately began to appreciate that semaglutide may do much more than regulate starvation and blood sugar.

From dependancy to Alzheimer’s illness, listed here are a few of the main circumstances semaglutide might deal with subsequent: