The 15 largest questions now we have after 'Quick X' ended on a large cliffhanger

How did Gisele survive her obvious demise in “Quick 6” and the way did she wind up in cahoots with Cipher?

Gisele in Fast 6

Gisele presumably fell to her demise whereas taking pictures at a villain who was concentrating on Han.

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Acuna: My cash’s on Mr. No person (Kurt Russell).

In 2021’s “Quick 9,” followers discovered Gisele used to work for the previous chief of the mysterious Company group that is recruited Dom and his buddies. Once we see how Mr. No person faked Han’s demise, Han tells him it is a “fairly nifty magic trick.” Mr. No person claims he is “executed higher.”

Was faking Gisele’s demise the “higher” magic trick Mr. No person pulled off?

Personally, I at all times questioned Gisele’s demise. Owen Shaw fell from the next top from a airplane and survived with some burn marks.

Singh: Mr. No person lacking in motion is tremendous suspicious and makes me suppose he have to be working quietly within the shadows.

Given his historical past, it could make excellent sense for him to have been instrumental in Gisele’s survival.

Gisele’s return wasn’t that stunning, since, once more, we by no means noticed her physique after she supposedly died in “Quick & Livid 6.”

What shocked me was that she seems to be working with Cipher.

When Cipher advised Letty that she had an escape plan, I actually did not suppose it concerned Gisele. After Gisele emerged from the submarine close to the movie’s finish, Cipher indicated that Gisele was the reply all alongside, asking a stunned Letty, “Nonetheless suppose my plan sucks?”

Does Gisele even know in regards to the horrible issues Cipher did to Dom and his household? So far as we all know, Gisele and Cipher by no means crossed paths earlier than her obvious demise. However “Quick” has been recognized to retcon so much. Plus, Cipher is extraordinarily resourceful and has methods of getting intel on folks. Perhaps she was concerned in maintaining Gisele hidden all alongside.