The 5 greatest fluoride-free toothpastes of 2023, in line with dentists


Pattern of best fluoride-free toothpaste, from brands like Aesop, Bite and Revitin

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What does fluoride do?

“Fluoride helps defend the tooth’s enamel and supplies a pure protectant in opposition to cavities,” mentioned Dr. Carrillo. 

Now, you may assume brushing is in command of combating cavities, but it surely really serves a unique objective: “The purpose of brushing your enamel is to have the mechanical motion disrupt and take away the bodily plaque that sits on our enamel,” mentioned Dr. Ogbevoen. 

The purpose of typical toothpaste and mouthwashes with fluoride is to assist remineralize and strengthen your enamel — which is continually breaking down as a result of meals and drinks we eat all through the day, Dr. Ogbevoen defined.

Is it OK to make use of fluoride-free toothpaste?

Identical to fluoridated varieties, non-fluoride toothpaste is totally protected, Dr. Noticed tells Insider.

Nonetheless, whereas fluoride-free toothpaste could also be a protected different for some individuals, they are not essentially the most secure choice to your oral well being, mentioned Yvette Carrillo, DDS, MS, a board-certified periodontist and implant surgeon in San Diego. In case you’re at excessive threat for tooth decay or cavities, your most secure toothpaste is one with fluoride.

Is fluoride obligatory? 

Sure, fluoride is important and all our specialists agree it is important for dental well being.

Nehi Ogbevoen, DDS, and authorized orthodontic specialist at Barkate & Nehi Orthodontics in California instructed Insider, like many different dentists, feels that fluoride in your toothpaste particularly “is a should.”

However different specialists really feel the mineral does not have to return through your toothpaste. Dr. Noticed believes fluoride-free toothpaste will be protected for some sufferers, however she nonetheless recommends getting fluoride elsewhere to your enamel. “I at all times suggest to my sufferers to have fluoride varnish [a treatment applied by a dentist] at the least yearly.”

She additionally factors out that some individuals get fluoride via their metropolis water — however this is not universally relevant. “In case your water is fluoridated and you might be at all times ingesting that water, then you need to be wonderful with out a fluoride toothpaste,” says Dr. Noticed. “Nonetheless, most individuals are ingesting bottled or filtered water, and the fluoride is eliminated.”

Why keep away from fluoride in toothpaste?

Most often, you should not be utilizing fluoride-free toothpaste. Fluoride is important for wholesome enamel and the focus in toothpaste does not pose a threat, all our specialists agree. That being mentioned, there are a choose few classes for whom it is smart to keep away from fluoride in toothpaste:

  • You probably have fluorosis. “Fluoride can strengthen your current enamel and make them extra immune to cavities; nonetheless, when fluoride is ingested in massive quantities, it could actually trigger a situation known as dental fluorosis, which causes discoloration and pitting within the enamel together with brown or white spots,” says Dr. Noticed. That is fairly uncommon and comes from overconsuming fluoride up to now–so you are not going to develop it from utilizing fluoridated toothpaste or water.
  • You probably have a fluoride allergy. Some persons are really allergic to fluoride, but it surely’s extremely uncommon (Dr. Ogbevoen put that quantity at roughly 1% of individuals). Nonetheless, if that is you, it’s best to change to a fluoride-free choice. 
  • In case you’re a baby underneath 6 who retains swallowing the toothpaste. “The American Dental Affiliation recommends a smear of toothpaste with fluoride from the eruption of the primary tooth,” mentioned Dr. Palmer, including this needs to be a pea dimension for youngsters ages 3-6. That being mentioned, if a baby underneath six cannot correctly spit out the toothpaste, you possibly can change them to a fluoride-free toothpaste to keep away from an upset abdomen, Dr. Ogbevoen mentioned.

Is it okay to make use of fluoride-free toothpaste?

You do get some quantity of fluoride from meals and drinks. And for individuals who have good oral well being and are at low threat for growing cavities, this can be sufficient, Dr. Noticed says.

However when you aren’t incomes an A+ in your dental hygiene, each day, with a seal of approval out of your dentist, it’s best to nonetheless go for fluoridated toothpaste.

“Sufferers who aren’t cavity-prone, who’re systemically wholesome, do not have dry mouth, do not have acidic saliva, do not have hormonal imbalances, usually are not liable to stress, and who’re efficient brushers [are good candidates for fluoride-free toothpaste],” says Dr. Carrillo. 

However it is a very small group of individuals. 

For reference, “efficient brushers” means those that “brush for the really useful two minutes twice a day and floss at the least as soon as a day, each single day with out fail.”

Who mustn’t use fluoride-free toothpaste?

Most individuals ought to at all times use toothpaste with fluoride, particularly when you’re cavity-prone (assume: in case you have multiple to 2 fillings or crowns in your mouth).

Fluoride makes tooth enamel extra immune to attaching acids,” mentioned Dr. Noticed. “It really works with saliva to guard tooth enamel from plaque and sugars.”  

You also needs to maintain fluoride within the combine when you:

  • Have dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • Are present process radiation remedy 
  • Have systemic or power diseases
  • Aren’t efficient at brushing (akin to aged sufferers) 

In actual fact, when you’re at excessive threat for cavities or have weaker enamel, your dentist might suggest an excellent larger fluoride content material in your toothpaste to guard in opposition to future dental decay, says each Dr. Noticed and Dr. Palmer.

What’s fallacious with fluoride in toothpaste?

Some individuals fear fluoride toothpaste is dangerous as a result of they’ve heard tales in regards to the potential uncomfortable side effects, however these solely actually occur with excessive over-consumption and utilization, like fluorosis of enamel and bones inflicting poor mineralization, mentioned Dr. Ogbevoen. 

A 150-pound individual must ingest round 340mg fluoride to achieve acute toxicity, and brushing twice a day with a pea-size of toothpaste delivers roughly 0.1mg per day.

For adults, the potential risks of fluoride — power fluoride toxicity — sometimes don’t come from toothpaste. They may come from fluoridated water (“groundwater with a fluoride focus in extra of 1.5 mg/L”), however Dr. Ogbevoen identified the present government-approved fluoride quantity within the public water provide is simply 0.7mg/L — “a a lot decrease quantity than what would trigger concern for Fluorosis.” 

Generally individuals additionally worry the white and brown spots they might see on different individuals’s enamel, however that is additionally a threat unique to fluoridated water (or poor-quality water in distant areas or overseas nations), Dr. Noticed added.