Your brow wrinkles may really be dehydration strains — right here's tips on how to do away with them

  • Not all brow strains are wrinkles — some are literally from dehydration, says a dermatologist.
  • You possibly can clean them by utilizing moisturizers with hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid. 
  • Conserving a constant skincare routine will assist fade all types of nice strains.

Brow wrinkles are notoriously annoying to do away with, whether or not you are taping them away or going the dearer Botox route.

However earlier than you dedicate time (and an honest amount of cash) to fading yours, it is good to determine what your strains are literally brought on by. In some circumstances, the problem could be so simple as dehydrated pores and skin.


Dr. Ivy Lee, a board-certified dermatologist working towards in southern California, advised Insider that whereas all nice strains enhance with extra moisturization, dehydration strains (which might look similar to wrinkles) are likely to go away when you begin utilizing the precise skincare merchandise.

Dehydration strains look lighter and extra textured than wrinkles

Not like wrinkles brought on by repetitive muscle motion, Lee mentioned dehydration strains are finer and have a “crepe paper-like texture when the affected pores and skin isn’t nicely hydrated.”

Whereas we usually affiliate dehydration with ingesting water, she famous that general physique hydration does not actually decide whether or not we have now dehydration strains on our faces or not. Normally, ingesting extra water does not have any added pores and skin advantages — as an alternative, topical merchandise are greatest for smoothing nice strains. 

You must decide a moisturizer that has three key hydrating elements

Lee mentioned there are three fundamental classes of moisturizing elements:

  • Humectants, which are a magnet for water into the pores and skin (ex: hyaluronic acid and glycerin).
  • Emollients, which restore the pores and skin barrier and soften the pores and skin (ex: squalene and plant-derived oils).
  • Occlusives, which “entice moisture into the pores and skin by making a seal,” Lee mentioned (ex: hydrated petroleum or mineral oil).

Ideally, Lee mentioned you need to be utilizing merchandise that include all three. She really useful CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, CeraVe Pores and skin Renewing Night time Cream, and SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2.

Sticking to a constant routine is essential

Whether or not you may have dehydration strains or deeper creases, Lee mentioned you may profit from a constant day by day and nightly skincare routine. 

In case you’ve hydrated your pores and skin and nonetheless see strains, then they could, in actual fact, be wrinkles. In that case, Lee recommended utilizing moisturizing antioxidant sunscreen within the morning (like La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Mineral SPF Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid) and, at evening, an exfoliating cleanser, moisturizer, and prescription-strength retinoid, in that order.